Tradition all year round

[Zbliżenie. Białe tkaniny ozdobione pięknymi wzorami roślinnymi.]

Tradition is a source of infinite inspiration for us. Throughout the year we prepare The Jagiellonian Fair, which is the quintessence of all our activities, but it’s not all we do every day in order to popularise traditional culture. Our activities also include:

This project gives traditional folk artists and craftsmen the opportunity to develop their skills and competences. The classes include workshops on building the image of the creator, acquiring new clients and forms of selling works, copyrights of craftsmen, designing objects or safe and effective use of the Internet


    Field Research

    It is a project where every year we focus on a different craft. We reach out to the most prominent folk artists, interview them, record their workshop, products and the things they want to communicate to the world in the form of photographs and films. The research results in collections of great ethnographic value, an exhibition and workshops of the Summer School of Crafts, where instructors are the protagonists of our annual research.